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The Embarrassment
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The Embarrassment
The Tanglebrains - 1st Sister Midnight radio show, 1987
An offshoot project of the Wichita band Klyde Konnor, “The Tanglebrains” recorded here for an appearance on the KMUW Aftermidnight radio show Sister Midnight. The show is an 4-Track audio collage produced by Mike Coykendall displaying some of this early experiments in audio production. A really enjoyable radio show off the beaten path.

Tex LeBeauf - The Return, cassette, 1995
This is a follow up recording to Tex’s first cassette release on A.J.R., it continues the stories, obsessions, and partial song performances Tex is known for. Originally released as side two of The Burbotz “Bachelors of Cheese” cassette.

Tex LeBeauf - Unauthorized Use of Likeness, KMUW, 1987
Tex LeBeauf had been living in France for quite sometime when A.J.R. approached him about staging a "Come Back" radio show on KMUW, Wichita Public Radio. He declined our offers for quite some time, mainly because (as we found out later) he either kept loosing our phone number... or just couldn't remember that we'd talked to him at all. We scraped the money together to fly over to France and interview him in his current live venue... the subways of Paris. This tape is the results, although the original intro has been trimmed off... you can take a listen to the original version of an audio piece "An Interview with George Bush" used as part of the into.

Toolman - Released 1990, cassette
Q: What do you get when you put a bunch of obnoxious sculpture students in a large stone room that has a great echo and give them a bunch of pieces of metal to bang on.
A: Tool Man

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