About Living Room

Living Room" is a one-hour television program. Each week the show explores performances, music, rare 16mm films, documentaries, all in a low-tech public access television format.

Demolition Kitchen video has been collecting media in various types and recorded concerts that were all collected over the years. This show will feature some of these recordings from early VHS to 16mm film, 8mm films, and current digital formats. In this program, we'll be sharing some of our favorite media with our home audience

The program originally aired on Lawrence, Kansas, public access channel 99, part of Sunflower Cablevision, from 2012 to 2016. In 2019, after the series had become available online, the classic 1980's television program called "Nightflight" returned as an Internet channel called "Nightflight Plus. Living Room is now part of Nightflights programming

Currently, the show has returned to production, adding several new seasons to its roster of programming. We hope you enjoy our low-tech world of odd television programming, presented in the past's low-rez square-shaped television format.

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