Season One
Episode 101
The Embarrassment: Live at the Flatiron, 1982
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The famed Wichita band performing live in their studio known as The Flatiron building during a party staged for a Chicago public access TV show.

Episode 102
Eugene Chadbourne: Live in Lawrence, 1992
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Performing live at The Bottleneck with banjo performer Tony Trischka‎.

Episode 103
Matt Woods: Live at the Brick, 2012

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The singer/song-writer and guitarist performing in Kansas City.

Episode 104
Big Dipper: Live in Europe, 1988

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A vintage VHS set from the bands Europe tour.

Episode 105
The Escape' Drive-in: Compile of shows

At outdoor drive-in themed party/performance staged at various locations around Kansas.
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Episode 106
Bill Goffrier: Live in Kansas, 2010

Bill hosted this show via remote video, it features live sets from various performances in 2010.
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Episode 107
Sun Barrow & Victor Wulf

The Lawrence band performs live at The Bottleneck, also performances by Victor Wulf from the ambient band Diate, recorded at The Wichita Center for the Arts.
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Episode 108
The Embarrassment: Who Pulled The Plug, 2008
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The band performs their possiblity last live performance in Wichita with Eric Cale filling in for Ron Klaus.

Episode 109
Keith Gist: The Wichita Tapes
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Keith Gist, former lead singer of the Parma, Ohio band The Burbotz performs live pop-up solo pieces around Wichita.  
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