Season Six
Episode 601
Tom Leahy's Nightmare
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A history of the program and footage from the early television broadcasts of this classic series.


Episode 602
The Unforeseen Film Fest: Volume five

A selection of 16mm films and VHS tapes from the Demolition Kitchen Video collection.

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Episode 603
Dawayne Bailey in Wichita, 1980

Early footage of the guitar legend who's played in Bob Segar's band and with the group Chicago. This episode features two sets of footage from 1980, before Bailey moved to LA. The first shows him playing piano and guitar at home, the second is a recording of the last set he performed in Wichita before his career expanded.
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Episode 604
Live Music from The M.T. Pockets Budget Film Fest
During it's ten year run on the stage of The Wichita Center for the Arts, M.T. Pockets Budget Film Fest featured a wide variety of musical performers. Here's a sampling of some of the most interesting musicians.
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Episode 605
Klyde Konner: Live Around Wichita, part two

Various live grainy old VHS recordings of the band in Wichita, Kansas during the 1980s.

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Episode 606 
The Experimental Films of Randall Parker

Parker's career spanned many years working as a cameraman for Wichita ad agency's. He also experimented with films that used Wichita as their backdrop.

Episode 607
Views In Life: Artists, Volume One
A series of short video pieces on various artists and musicians from around the Kansas region or touring acts.

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Episode 608
Kansas Film Makers: Volume One
A look at film makers who started their careers in the movie industry or art producing their early works in Kansas.


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